Nothing Between Us; Dream Cast

Bella - lip ring.pngWhen I first began to write this novel, I only saw two people as my characters. Hailee Steinfeld portrays Isabella “Bella” Pineda. She has some Hispanic blood in her, but I did not make her speak Spanish. I probably should have, but that would mean going back and changing some things. I like where I finished the novel, as is, so there is no reason to go changing it. Bella is a bookworm; she owns all the books I wish I owned, so basically, I am living my book dream through this character. She has a large family (like me), but she is not very close to them (not like me) because most of her siblings are extremely athletic and social butterflies. Bella is shy, but once she gets to know someone, there is nothing that stops her from being a good friend. The problem here is that her older brother liked to spread rumors about her and all of his classmates siblings are in her class. Imagine that.

Freddie_Highmore_JaceJason “Jace” Fleming (has his father’s last name) is portrayed by the wonderful Freddie Highmore. It’s the blue eyes that I was going for. But he screams Jace and I totally ship him with Hailee. Jace is also a bookworm, but he has been in the game slightly longer than Bella. They become friends over the Net and they like to exchange/send books with each other. Jace likes to call Bella, “Bells”.

Jace - lip ringCrazy thought, Jace and Bella become step-siblings. But this does not stop them from following their hearts, because they were already beginning to like each other before the sudden change. Oh, and the reason for the lip rings? Bella and Jace get matching lip rings, for fun, but also to symbolize where their heart lies.

There are a few more characters that I added later on. Three of which are in another one (or two) of my novels. I will only share one of them. If you read the story, you will have to figure out who the other two are, but their story is not yet written. You will have to wait.

Justin Daniels. He is one of Bella’s classmates who will cause quite a problem in the story. His parents are actually in one of my Hearts of Gold companion novels (which is not yet written either, but already outlined and planned). I did not realize that I had related him to them until after I went back to check the scene. I wish I had made Justin more lovable, like his parents, but what good book does not have a bad boy character? There is a bad boy character sifted into ever book I have read.


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