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Writing: My Wattpad update schedule

Good day to you! Yes, it is a fine day, isn’t it? Continue reading “Writing: My Wattpad update schedule”



As you might tell, I’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed . . . Continue reading “Writing: PIECES NOVELLAS”

Writing: I Kicked NaNoWriMo’s Butt!!

Seriously. I was kicking this challenge in the butt. If you would like up close and personalize posts that follow my NaNoWriMo journeys, visit my NaNoWriMo blogContinue reading “Writing: I Kicked NaNoWriMo’s Butt!!”

Writing: Some Updates

Continue reading “Writing: Some Updates”

Writing: Meet the Danes brothers!

Continue reading “Writing: Meet the Danes brothers!”

Writing: Crazy Idea! [CONTAINS SPOILERS]

Hey lovely peeps! I know its been a while, but I have semi-good reason. But enough of that.  [FAIR WARNING: This post will contain a few spoilers for the stories I will mention]

Continue reading “Writing: Crazy Idea! [CONTAINS SPOILERS]”

Writing: Where I’ve been hiding . . .

Yeah, I know. Believe me. I know. I’ve been terrible at making updates. But could you blame me if I haven’t had reason for updates?  Continue reading “Writing: Where I’ve been hiding . . .”

I’m Back!!

Good day to you! Well, all of last week, I had no internet access. The move was  . . . Eventful. Continue reading “I’m Back!!”

Writer’s Rant:

Whelp! If I suddenly don’t appear for a while, its because my family kicked it up a notch and we’re trying to get to our new house. Continue reading “Writer’s Rant:”

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