Public Enemy: Dream Cast

tumblr_m9xrult2ij1r640kko1_500Lucy Hale as Victoria Grimes
I originally saw Anne Hathaway as Victoria, because she fit the cover I planned for Wattpad. However, as I often mentioned, Lucy Hale is my auto-casting for many of my characters.
Victoria is an heiress, not to mention a major asset in her father’s company. She has a younger brother, and she is semi-close to her parents.

grant-gustin-comic-con-portraits-by-maarten-de-boer_4Grant Gustin as Public Enemy #5 (aka Robin Cooper)
Grant was always going to be Robin. From the start, that is who I saw.
Robin does not let Victoria know his name until further in the story. There is going to be a surprise shocker that comes later as well.


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