Romeo’s Sneakers


This is my Camp NaNoWriMo (July 2016 Winner) project. I have the summary/description shared on Wattpad and  Figment. I have a dream cast shared on my other blog, but I will link a page below.

Cover by Toobigofadreamer

Two families, one feud. Will it never end?

Ren Michaels; smart, kind, and always getting his cousins out of trouble. One of the biggest events of the year is the Thanksgiving Gala, and the only way to get in is by invitation only. However, Ren and his cousins, Mitch and Ben, manage to sneak in without security throwing them out. It is here that Ren lays eyes on Jade Calder. Ren knows he has no chance of ever impressing a girl like Jade, but that all starts to change when she starts going his high school.

When Ren least expects it, he finds himself there for Jade when no one else is around. Jade may be the daughter of his father’s competitor, but what matters most to him is making sure Jade knows she can trust him as a friend . . . Or maybe as something more.

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