The Flower Power Duet

©Copyright 2018 & 2019, Hadassah Harper
Cover(s): DesignsbyEH

The Flower Power Duet follows twin sisters, Daisy and Lily, as they set out to find their true selves. These stories are complete stand-alone, but details match up and are explained in and through each other. Each sister’s story is lighthearted and humorous, but there are moments of heartache, This duet also includes a short story told in both sisters’ POV, ten years in the future. This bonus will only be available when I combine both books.

This was originally going to be ONLY one (1) story, and it was going to be my version of not writing another “fan-fiction”. But then, it branched into a second story, because sisters stick together. Also, Lily started proving to be awesome and sneaking me notes. She’s also very loud and pretty much yelled at me to write her story.


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