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Cover: Designs by E. H.

Nineteen-year-old Sabrina Dominguez is rather independent and has been optimistic of showing her parents that she will not need their help as she gallivants in college. However, after losing her job, she returns home with her family. Her brothers think she has what it takes to audition for ‘So You Wanna Sing’, a show that allows aspiring artists to shine. Sabrina does not think she has what it takes, but her cousin-slash-best-friend, and secret childhood crush, begs to differ.
Gil Solorio is the youngest piano teacher at The Julliard School, in New York City. It has been a while since he has taken time to visit his family, and decides to surprise his parents. However, when he arrives home, it’s not his parents answering the door. When Gil lays eyes on the cute girl with borderline black hair and intense blue-green eyes, he starts to wonder remember his cousin, Sabrina.
Sabrina and Gil, though a few years apart, find themselves falling back into their best-friend routine, even to the extent that they find each other attractive, and plan to become partners for the singing audition. Will they learn to love each other in a different way? Or will they regret making a decision that could change their friendship forever?

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