Tsevtok; Flower – Dream Cast

‘Tsvetok’ (meaning Flower) is the second book in the Tales of a Russian Heart series. Not quite following the last book, but continues with the daughter of Daniyel’ and Estella.
0svma3dKeira Knightley – Roza is the eldest daughter in the Khrebtova family. She is born four years after her older brother, Mikhail. However, Mikhail died shortly after birth, due to a fever.
We only see Roza as a younger child in the first chapter, because the tale truly begins when Filipp enters the picture. Roza is a strong mixture of her parents; virtuous and modest like her mother, considerate and protective like her father. Her only friends at the moment are her cousins, Mayk and Demetriy, sons of her uncle, Mikhail; Estella’s brother.

vpxtwboFilipp Stepanovich Yeryomin can be visualized as none other than Michael Fassbender. I cannot see anyone else as Filipp and he truly is quite a catch. Filipp is a prince in a neighboring-ally kingdom. He will meet Roza on his way to visit with the Czar. However, he does not know that she is the Czar’s daughter, his betrothed, and that he is due to become acquainted with her within the month.

7kmxsivMayk is only a few months young than Roza, but they are the closest of best friends. I see Mayk as . . . Jeremy Irvine. Mayk is very protective of of Roza; he would take an arrow for her, but that is not going to happen. When Roza tells Mayk about the mysterious stranger, he gets a bit jealous and warns her to stay away from him.

ij2jsyhDemetriy is quite a few years younger than Roza and Mayk, and I do not have anyone particularly in mind as to who he might look like. It is a cross between these handsome fellows. I might choose one of them and make the other two suitors, but we will see.


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